Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Foundation and Walls, Greenhouse Part 2

Assembly kidding. But, with everyone's help it didn't take that long to build. We could have purchased a base when we bought the greenhouse, but since we have our own sawmill and plenty of cedar, Kenny built a very sturdy base and saved us some money. The greenhouse is supposed to withstand 80 MPH wind gusts. Of course, the second night after it was completed we had a terrible storm, lots of wind. Neither of us slept too well, I could just imagine the greenhouse in pieces all over the farm. First thing the next morning I looked out the window, happy to see the greenhouse was still standing.

Foundation finished, ready for the walls.

Getting the walls up.
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gerald said...

I have a 4yr. old bull Yak and just recently bought two old english herefords one is a bred cow and the other a heifer,next year I will have yakfords born... just thought i would share this new thing on my farm.... How does a yak dress out there not very bulky animals?? thanks Gerald

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