Thursday, April 17, 2008

Annual Vaccination

Yesterday we began vaccinating the yaks. It's a family project, corralling the animals and herding them through to the head gate. Since the yaks are separated into two different fields we only vaccinated the herd from one field yesterday. Here are a couple of videos of the process. The yaks were communicating a lot with each other. We'll post a video soon where hopefully you can hear them calling to each other.

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billianne said...

When I was little I never sat still for a shot. I really admire these animals. I'm glad they didn't put me in a head gate for my smallpox vaccination.

Ken & Lorie Zlotkowski said...

Due to the size and strength of the yaks we need a little reinforcement. We have several yaks that probably would let you do anything to them without any restraint, and some that don't really even want you to pet them. Just like kids, some you've got to pin down and others don't even flinch. :)

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