Wednesday, April 02, 2008


We have several yaks that are not full blood yak but are cow yak crossbreeds. Our cow/yaks still have the horns of the yak but generally they have a smaller skirt, are not as woolly, and they have a more square or straight back. They don't seem to be as friendly as our full blood yaks and are a little skittish. One of our cow/yak crossbreeds, #36, is 3/4 blood yak. She tends to be pretty jumpy but she has proven to be a wonderful mother. Her off springs are 7/8 blood yak and have more yak characteristics. When #36 arrived on our farm she exited the trailer and began to explore the fields. We noticed that she appeared to have a slight limp. We would watch the yaks, see how they were getting along. We began to refer to her as "the one with the limp", soon that turned into "Limpy". The name has stuck with her, not the most creative name choice, but at least she has a name...... unlike the farm.

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Jacob Kuipers said...

Having had personal experience with cows I understand their skittishness. I think "Wild Yak Quartz Cedar Meadow Creek Farm with Girls" is a good name. If all you use are initials when you advertise, then potential buyers get to use their imaginations. The initials would be WYQCMCFWG.

Anonymous said...

I think "Yack Yack Yak" acres perfectly describes an environment of lots of women on a yak farm. What do you think?

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