Friday, May 24, 2013

Cicada Music

The past couple of weeks have brought the 17 year cicadas above ground here in central Virginia. It's been interesting to see just how many exit tunnels we can find.
 After tunneling themselves out from their underground home, the nymphs must find a suitable location for their final molt to the adult cicada.
 Below you can see an adult cicada and a casing.

They started to "sing", small in number, but as more emerged the music volume increased. Hopefully you can get an idea of the sound  from this video.


It's been very fascinating to watch and hear.  Some people find the sounds eery, alien, unsettling, and are looking forward to the "noise" ending. I think I'll be sorry to hear it end.

Click here for some great information on cicadas.

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Stephen Cooper said...

I don't know which one of you wrote this piece, but I like how it was worded. I particularly liked the words "small in number" and your description of the sound the cicadas make.

Anonymous said...

I kept waiting for that thing to shoot poison darts at you as you filmed it. I was scared!

Jack Garvey said...

They spend 17 years below ground and then only several weeks above ground mating and laying their eggs (which they do by splitting the bark of small branches and inserting their eggs - kills a lot of small trees). By coincidence, when Jane and I bought our first home, it was the year the Cicadias came out, and my girls were afraid to leave their own homes because these bugs would crash into you. I was glad to see them go - JackG :-)

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