Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Blueberry Time

Spring has become summer all of a sudden... it just happened. The calendar still says it's spring, but the thermometer is definitely saying it's summer. And good things come with summer weather, like beautiful, delicious blueberries!!

 Just a few weeks ago our blueberry plants were loaded with pretty delicate blossoms.

 Isn't this a great shot of an ant in the blossom? Credit goes to Rachel for this one.

 Lovely little fruit clusters made their appearance after the blossoms.

And now the clusters have begun to turn a vibrant shade of blue.

It's blueberry time!!

 Besides just being delectable, check out this site for nutritional benefits of blueberries.
 Oh, I can tell already, blueberry season is going to be way too short.
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Anonymous said...

Hey, have you ever played the blueberry slapping game? it's where somebody finds a ripe blueberry and points it out to a friend, then slaps it out of the friends' hand when she reaches for it and says, Look what you did!

Ken and Lorie Zlotkowski said...

I personally have not played that game, though I do know those that have. :)

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