Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Uninvited Dinner Guest

A couple of months ago we discovered that something was trying to get into the plastic container on our porch, the container that holds our cats' food. I heard some banging and noises during the middle of the night and discovered this critter. From then on we didn't leave cat food out at night, trying to make sure this little guy looked for food somewhere else. Then one day someone left a bag of cat food out on the porch, not in the sealed container. We were very surprised and concerned to see our guest back during the day. Turns out she was a new mom and looked like she was starving. Maybe we shouldn't have, but she looked healthy other than hungry, she didn't bother our cats who were unfazed by her appearance, so we made sure she had a dinner every night. We haven't seen her in awhile. Seems she and her family have moved on.

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