Sunday, April 17, 2011

Raising the Roof, Greenhouse Part 3

Finally time for the roof, we needed more help at that stage. It was a challenge to get the roof to line up with the wall posts. After the roof was secured it was time for the doors to be hung. Almost finished, just the little things left, like weather stripping, the door latches, but we felt like we accomplished a lot in a day.

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Hail Storm

The next post was supposed to be the completion of the greenhouse. The roof is on, lots of plants already started, and pictures will soon follow, but yesterday we experienced a first on the farm and just have to post it. We had been hearing that there was bad weather on the way. With tornadic activity not far from us, the sky looked a little strange and it seemed like the clouds were not moving in their typical direction. I looked out the window to the back field and the yaks were running around. Wishing I had my camera to catch their activity I noticed it was hailing! It started slowly and then just really came down, eventually turning to pouring rain. I'm sure the yaks had no idea what was happening. We had never seen hail like this before. All the animals are fine, including the yaks. And now the greenhouse, only assembled a couple of weeks, has been hail tested, and to our relief, passed.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Foundation and Walls, Greenhouse Part 2

Assembly kidding. But, with everyone's help it didn't take that long to build. We could have purchased a base when we bought the greenhouse, but since we have our own sawmill and plenty of cedar, Kenny built a very sturdy base and saved us some money. The greenhouse is supposed to withstand 80 MPH wind gusts. Of course, the second night after it was completed we had a terrible storm, lots of wind. Neither of us slept too well, I could just imagine the greenhouse in pieces all over the farm. First thing the next morning I looked out the window, happy to see the greenhouse was still standing.

Foundation finished, ready for the walls.

Getting the walls up.
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Addition to the Farm, Greenhouse Part 1

We talked for years about having a greenhouse and finally decided to build one, well, to buy a kit and put it together. Kenny built a sturdy foundation..... then the boxes arrived and the fun began.

Three boxes, lots of pieces!

Putting the roof together before the walls go up.

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