Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Different Types of Yaks

Here's a little bit of info on the different types of yaks or Bos grunniens (grunting ox). There are six different types, categorized by their physical appearance. There is the Imperial yak which is all black with a black nose, the Black yak which is all black with a gray nose, the Trim yak which is black with white trim usually on the forehead, feet, and the tip of the tail, the Royal yak which is black and white in patches, the Golden yak which is dun coloring over black, and the Woolly yak with a longer and thicker coat. Our yaks are mostly Trim yaks and Royal yaks. This is a photo of Dakota, a Trim bull yak, and I5, a Royal yak. I5, or i5, called that because of her ear tag number, is the mother of our other bull, Boy.
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billianne said...

I like that name 15. Now I know how I should have named our fifth child.

Ken & Lorie Zlotkowski said...

Yeah, calling the kids by number would be a lot easier! This yak's "name", didn't come across well on the blog, actually is the letter I, as in G,H,I and the number 5. Maybe should have written it as "eye-five" ;-)

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