Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Gathering Place

Recently we had to separate our herd. We have two bulls that have been vying for the attention of the female yaks, well, more like they have been competing for the right to receive the attention of the females. They will quite forcefully butt heads with any other rival bulls to show off their stuff. They are built for this and it is quite natural, but sometimes a horn can cause some injury, usually minor and very seldom. So, rather than letting them spend all their time butting heads, each bull was given a field of his own, with the company of some of the females. Up until this point they have all lived together in relative harmony. This was because our oldest bull didn't really have a real challenger until this year. Now the yaks are in two fields, separated by a fence. It seems that fence is a "gathering place". Several times during the day they will stop their grazing in the middle of their fields and come to the fence to be together. It's kind of sad and kind of sweet. You can hear them communicating with each other through the fence. Yaks make this sort of grunting noise, nothing like the incessant mooing that a cow can do. (although some farmers may think this is music to their ears, I'm not so sure the non farming neighbors would agree) We had a cow in with the yaks for awhile. That's another story, or several stories..... but that cow could make some noise. The yak grunting is much more pleasant. Anyway, the yaks remind me of neighbors meeting at their property lines for an afternoon visit, maybe to catch up on the neighborhood news.Pin It Now!

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