Saturday, February 23, 2008

Naming the Yaks

It's probably not the best idea to name your farm animals. Some how, once named, you tend to become more attached to them. The idea of farming is to increase the herd and sell some of the animals. Not as easy when you've become attached to them. We probably only have a couple of yaks that aren't named. Some of our yaks were already named when we bought them. We originally started our herd with four yaks, an adult bull named Fred, two female yaks, and a 5 month old bull, the baby of one of the females. OK, Fred would not be a top name choice, but he came to us already named, and it seemed to suit him. After awhile we settled on names for the other three. The mother and baby were named Destiny and Dakota, and the other female was named Molly. Molly was pretty feisty when we first got her. She was a young heifer but has calmed down quite a lot since becoming a mother. We named one of her babies Button. Very sweet and gentle. Usually the offspring has a temperament similar to her mother, but not in Button's case. We'll have to post a picture of Button and her story. Seems like every yak has a story behind his/her name. Then there's the newest baby that Ken wants to call "Challenge". The name says it all.Pin It Now!

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