Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Finished and Thriving, Greenhouse part 4

Finished and lots of plants growing inside.

Kenny made a nice walkway down the center of the greenhouse.

He also built cedar shelves. Love the way it smells.

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Billianne said...

CONGRATULATIONS! It looks excellent in there! Great job on those shelves, too. Just look at all the plants that are growing already! That's the best feeling. God has given the increase. :-)

Adam said...

Now wait a minute, those plants sure did grow fast...Are you sure you didn't buy them already sprouted like that from Lowes?

Ken and Lorie Zlotkowski said...

Believe me, I'm sure we planted every one, some before the greenhouse was started. The dining room was over run with little pots until the greenhouse was finished and then they were moved out there. The plants obviously like the greenhouse, but hopefully most will be planted in the garden this week. Want to come help??

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