Monday, May 30, 2011


A few days ago Rachel was walking back to the house after giving the yaks water, thinking that the black walnut tree was growing into a good climbing tree. Apparently someone else thought that, too. Rachel was able to get these great photos of the tree's occupant.

Until last week we didn't realize that groundhogs climbed trees. Apparently, groundhogs are good climbers. They usually climb to escape a predator or to enjoy ripe fruits or berries. We're guessing that one of the cats chased it up the tree.

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Billianne said...

I don't believe it! She had to be looking at exactly the right place at the right time or she'd have missed it altogether. Great eye, Rachel. I'm glad to get to see photos of one up close. Looks similar to a porcupine to me. Wonder what it was doing in the tree...they're called GROUNDhogs, after all. :')

Adam said...

The caged yak, ready to cast off his feline oppressor, has called in the groundhog mercenaries to aid in his liberation!

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